Daily: from 18:00 until late at night

The Largest Amusement Park in Crete!


The theme-park first opened in 1987 at the "park of youth" and stayed there for 11 years spreading joy, fun to all people, from children to elders.

Since 1998 transferred to the old harbour, opposite of the central gate with a total area of 6.000 sq.m. including 2000 sq.m. of parking area.

Luna Park KATERINA is made for entertaining people of all ages. Its games cover the entertaining needs even of the most demanding clients and the games are renewed and replaced every 6 months so the interest and fun are unabated.


Luna Park KATERINA invites you to join and have many beautiful and memorable moments with the 25 theme-park toys it has. These moments will be carved upon your memories as they will be the best of your life. In our Luna Park you'll find a wide variety of toys of all tastes.

All theme-park toys operate under the most strict security and safety regulations with daily control and maintenance of a highly skilled and trained staff. Luna park Katerina guarantees you the safe entertainment of young and elder that will join us through the year, and that’s the reason we are trusted every year all schools from all over Crete as well as schools from all over Greece.

Luna park Katerina. The only real Luna Park in Crete is waiting for you. Open all seasons.

A place for relaxation, especially for parents!


A place of Luna Park KATERINA that you will surely visit with fresh popcorn, yummy sandwiches, a variety of snacks and coffees.

A place of rest for parents above all, as kids never stop playing in the park. For all kinds of events.

Plenty of space both internally (150m2) and external (200m2).The cafeteria has the potential to organize any event that will satisfy even the most demanding tastes.



Luna Park Katerina is open
daily from 18:00 till late at night