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Since 1957, pioneers in the field of entertainment


In 1949 Savvas Dakanalis as a war disabled was licensed for technical games. All games at that time were manual. The lighting was with pots. For livelihood reasons he toured in Northern Greece, Macedonia, Thessaly and Thrace at various festivals where he created his own family.

In 1957 Savvas Dakanalis began to bring the first theme-park toys from Italy without knowing if that new kind of entertainment would thrive in Greece. Using his mother’s name Katerina, he placed his theme-park at Thessaloniki and started working on ideas for the future of his business.

Ιστορική Αναδρομή
Ιστορική Αναδρομή

With love and great passion started a difficult life transferring the games every 10 days in different place and fests in villages or towns. Peoples corresponded really great and as a result more ideas on his new way of entertainment in Greece would come true.

That’s the way interest and love for new things and attempts began. His family and his wife Stella was supporting him and stood by in all difficulties.

All these years his passion about luna-parks was increased every day, and naturally he wanted to improve and make more famous his Luna-parks Katerina.

His son Kostas, achieved to turn a small business into an entertainment business giant with over 80 theme-park toys that can be transferred in every corner of the world.

With more than 60 years of experience, Luna-parks KATERINA are considered to be one of the largest mobile entertainment theme parks in Europe..

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due to game maintenance.